Dokebi Bride Volume 1.pdf

Dokebi Bride Volume 1 PDF

Koreas most talked-about series in 2005! Born into a shaman family, Sunbi has inherited the power to see and communicate with spirits just like her grandmother, a notable shaman and savior of their little fishing village in the South Sea. Early on, she sees things like an imposter shaman being thrashed by a dragon of the deep, and doesnt understand that none of her schoolmates can see such things. Her powers make her the amorous target of hedonistic demons even as a child. Long shielded from the reality of her power, she finally learns the secret of her mothers death, and why her grandmother was never able to leave their village. Enter Sunbis world in this mind-boggling psychological chiller!



ISBN 9781600090752
AUTOR Marley
DATEINAME Dokebi Bride Volume 1.pdf

With her grandmother gone, Sunbi experiences the twin pains of loss and loneliness. The daily challenges of living with her father's unfamiliar family are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a harder struggle waging inside, for Sunbi is left to learn about the eerie world of the unseen