Die Geschichte der Kinder- u. Schulbibel /m.CD-ROM.pdf

Die Geschichte der Kinder- u. Schulbibel /m.CD-ROM PDF

The representative analysis of classical and innovative Bible adaptations in their varying individual, social, religious and educational contexts, and a bibliography of about 1000 titles provide a differentiated portrayal of the development of bibles for children and their use in school from the late Middle Ages to the 21st century. The volume focusses on Bible adaptations of Protestant, Catholic and Jewish origin. The study distinguishes between books with Bible verses, Bible paraphrases, Bible stories and picture Bibles and traces their development. The new concern for children in the Age of Enlightenment, the intense interest in biblical pietism, the introduction of compulsory schooling and bible instruction as well as new concepts for religious education gave rise to characteristic further and new developments of Bible adaptations. In the light of an increasingly complex market for childrens bibles, this historical retrospective inspires us to compile and put to the test childrens bibles that meet contemporary exegetical and didactic requirements.



ISBN 9783899718379
AUTOR Christine Reents, Christoph Melchior
DATEINAME Die Geschichte der Kinder- u. Schulbibel /m.CD-ROM.pdf

Die Geschichte der Kinder- u. Schulbibel /m.CD-ROM Schulbibel /m.CD-ROM von Christine Reents , Christoph Melchior Die schönsten Geschichten der Bibel, 1 Audio-CD von ...