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“Philosophy professors Pigliucci, Cleary, and Kaufman deliver on their goal of providing a ‘glimpse of how the world looks through [the] respective lenses’ of 15 major philosophies in this anthology featuring an impressive array of contributors. . . . Readers interested in thinking more about their life-choices and options for change will be grateful for this practical guide to, as the authors write in their conclusion, the ‘possibilities to learn from, ponder, and perhaps adopt.’” —Publishers Weekly“How to Live a Good Life is a fascinating and practical guide. I would happily lend you my copy, but it’s too filled with underlinings and scribbles in the margins to be legible.” —A. J. Jacobs, author of The Year of Living Biblically“Philosophies and religions are sometimes more than just dogmas or points to be argued. They can also be daily practices which help you in the most difficult moments of your life. This book explores some of the greatest ethical paths humans have walked, including both ancient, modern, and non-western routes to wisdom. Highly recommended.”—Jules Evans, author ofPhilosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations“Everyone will have something to learn from this book, whether you are seeking guidance on living a good life, or have already dedicated yourself to a school or tradition. Secular humanists can learn about Daoism, Progressive Muslims can learn about Existentialism, Confucians can learn about Ancient Greek wisdom. Those looking to seek an examined life and those looking to learn about how other coherent systems of values work will find this book illuminating. With accessible storytelling as well as scholarly rigor, the editors have put together a truly inclusive edition that covers the central tenets of living well bestowed on us by the most prominent traditions in moral philosophy and religion.”—Barry Lam, creator ofHi-Phi Nation and associate professor of philosophy at Vassar College



ISBN 9780525566144
AUTOR Massimo Pigliucci, Skye Cleary, Daniel Kaufman
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