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Seifert, W: Marek Janowski PDF

The world famous conductor Marek Janowski is regarded as one of the most important representatives of the classical German orchestra culture. With an unerring ear, clear movements and instinctive musical intelligence, he transforms complex scores into expressive interpretations. To him, precision is the prerequiste for spirited music-making.In this authorized biography, Wolfgang Seifert for the first time portrays the life and work of the conductor who grew up in Nazi Germany as Polish-German war child. After his studies and first employments, he worked as principal conductor in Freiburg, Dortmund and Cologne, Paris, Monte Carlo and Dresden. Today he is director of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande in Geneva and of the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra which he turned into one of the leading orchestras in Germany.



ISBN 9783795706753
AUTOR Wolfgang Seifert
DATEINAME Seifert, W: Marek Janowski.pdf

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