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What do we remember from our national past and why? What are the dangers of history being (mis-)appropriated by politicians? Past in the Present provides a critical analysis of recent disputes over Polish historiography. The author uses theories of collective memory as a guideline, and the Polish-German borderlands as his leitmotif. Western academic currents and long-standing (and often forgotten) Polish intellectual traditions serve as backdrop. Throughout his work – with topics ranging from Golo Mann and Stefan Czarnowski to the «other side of memory» and the «political cult of the fallen» – Traba advocates modernization and «polyphony» in the construction of a new Polish history.



ISBN 9783631640470
AUTOR Robert Traba
DATEINAME The Past in the Present.pdf

Die Unterscheidung zwischen present tense und past tense ist ebenfalls wichtig. Im Englischen gibt es zu jeder Zeitform eine Verlaufsform. Sie wird progressive oder continuous form genannt. Zeitformen mit Bezug zur Gegenwart present tense und present perfect. present tense in der einfachen Form (simple present): She helps her father in the garden. We commonly use the present simple to refer to the past when we want to make events sound as if they are happening now. For example, news headlines are ...